Last updated January 1, 2023

Not So Private Life

Robert lives in Palm Springs, California with his husband (together almost 20 years) and two rescue pups.

Disillusioned with the healthcare field, he quit his job as an RN in March 2022, and the next month graduated with a master's in instructional design (his passion). Returning to work in a former field, he is now a freelancer helping subject matter experts become expert presenters and trainers. He also donates his time and professional skill developing eLearning for a local organization serving the LGBTQIA+ community.

In 2005, Robert earned certifications in Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage. He stopped working as a masseur when he began the nursing career, but has now resumed taking clients on a limited basis. He enjoys the byproduct of doing this work; it's calming, and it forces him to be present in the moment.

Robert has spoken publicly about dealing with past trauma, a lifelong struggle with depression, and the positive influence that fulfilling his sexual desires, both on and off camera, has had on his emotional well being. Robert is available for public speaking engagements.

Decades in Porn

Robert has been actively kinky since his teenage years. His primary kink, bondage, was no doubt inspired by the 60's TV show, The Wild Wild West, often featuring a shirtless Robert Conrad, helplessly restrained and taunted by one villain or another.

In 1998, Robert performed in his first adult film. It was a BDSM scene for Brush Creek Media. Soon after, he became ZEUS Studios' "1999 ZEUSboy," appearing in a number of their BDSM films. He went on to perform in approximately 50 mainstream sex films, for companies including Raging Stallion, Falcon, Hot House, Catalina, and others. In addition to the film work, he was featured in magazines such as Unzipped, Honcho, Bound and Gagged, and Men. Currently, he is a familiar face on Chaturbate, with over 20,000 followers, and a content creator on Justfor.Fans. XBIZ announced in January 2023 that the year marks Robert's 25th anniversary as an adult entertainer. Read the article here.


Robert received a GayVN nomination (newcomer of the year), as well as a not so ironically earned Grabby Award for a masturbation scene in the Sports and Recreation film, Leather Trade Solos. Robert coined the term "soloflexible" to describe his ongoing movement between solosexuality and sex with other men. He was a featured performer at the 2009 Masturbate-a-thon in San Francisco, masturbating into his own mouth in front of a live audience of men and women. The event was sponsored by the Center for Sex and Culture. He created the website for men interested in the "bator" subculture.

Sexual Heroes

Robert is host of the podcast Sexual Heroes, with interviews that inform, entertain, and inspire listeners to embrace their sexuality. Many of the episodes feature guests in the "bate" (masturbation) and leather/BDSM communities. In one episode (S1E4), he shares his own personal sexual journey with a former high school classmate. The show has a 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts.

In December 2022, he adapted the show for YouTube, featuring interviews with other adult content creators and sex workers.

Endorphin High

Robert is the "Headmaster" of Endorphin High - School of BDSM . The purpose of his virtual school is to facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge from the kink-informed to the kink curious. It offers a "curriculum" for those new to BDSM, a library with links to resources in a variety of formats, a map of educational events and opportunities around the world, and an Instructor Certification Course for kink subject matter experts. The course has four modules, each with a 60-90 minute, highly interactive, virtual class.

Self Care 4 Men

In December 2022 Robert launched a new YouTube series named after his massage business, Self Care 4 Men. Drawing on his experience as a masseur, personal trainer, and registered nurse, he plans to feature solo episodes, as well as interviews with a diverse array of guests. Topics will include massage, nutrition, exercise, skin care, physical health, mental health, and of course, sex.

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