I'm on the lookout for both professional content creators and non-professional performers. Diversity is key. Men of color; bears, cubs, otters, and wolves; men with disabilities; transgender men; muscle jocks; daddies; and guy-next-door types (whatever that means) are all wanted.

There are many opportunities to perform that don't require you to show your face, and some can be done remotely. If there is a role you would like, there is a button below, "offer to perform/collaborate."

Content is shared with professional collaborators (content creators). At this time, there is no monetary compensation for non-professionals; it's a "just for fun" opportunity. A signed consent and identification is required for all except those who remain unseen (voice only).

If you are a non-professional performer, you must also send me a photo of yourself in the most revealing way you are willing to be recorded. If you do not do this, your offer will not be considered.

*No signed consent or ID needed

Host and Watch a Shoot

I'm always on the lookout for new locations in Palm Springs. If you are a voyeur, but do not want to be seen or heard, you can host a shoot in your own private backyard or interior space, watching the action from off camera. Just email RobertBlack3X@gmail.com. Tell me the general location and include a photo of the available space(s). Patios, pools, bathroom showers, bedrooms, dungeons, home gyms, and garages are all excellent locations.